Domestic And Foreign Rotary Drilling Rig And Development Gap Between The Way Out Of

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Search the Internet " Rotary Drilling "You will see a lot of friends this message:" Rotary Drilling are the pile of construction machinery equipment, building bridges and construction of buildings or buildings, used for piling, generally playing a pile at least earn one million! "Thus, the construction of Rotary Drilling profits, the market wide demand. Along with the continuous development based on the construction industry, construction enterprises have gradually learned Rotary Drilling Rig The superiority of the country has launched a "Rotary Drilling" hot. In the "Rotary Drilling" hot lead of the market, the domestic manufacture of Rotary Drilling Rig number of enterprises have begun to surge. However, due to the development and production of rotary drilling rig started late, despite the rapid rise of a number of leading enterprises, homogenization of the industry in product, technology level and the interface between supply and demand, there are still big problems.  

Assimilation of rotary drilling rig made serious

Engaged in rotary drilling rigs in the domestic manufacture and sale of more than 20 companies, both Xugong, 31 such a large group, but also the long-term in Shanghai Jintai such exploration equipment manufacturing base and a professional company are also the main basis for the construction industry in recent years before entering the rotary drilling rig manufacturing of construction enterprises, most of these enterprises from the original Piling Machinery Outside the industry, they enter significantly changed Piling Machinery Industry structure. However, the company entered the field of rotary drilling rig time, size, work rate, mode of operation, development and financial strength, company background quite different, the presentation of the growth rate and results of operations are also much different. Overall, since most of the enterprises to enter the relatively short periods, their products have not yet formed scale and series, more than 20 enterprise product specification is only close to 30. According to statistics, the upper and lower torque levels in 200kNm products as high as 75%, while 100kNm level and below, only two product models, the proportion of only 8%. Thus, the tendency of homogeneous products is quite serious.

Experts believe that domestic drilling a major gap in Rotary, first in the overall hydraulic system and the configuration has not yet reached the advanced level of foreign products, especially with the world advanced level, compared Bauer rotary drilling rig are still very much big gap. Foreign countries are generally high quality hydraulic system with constant power systems or load sensing systems, hydraulic components adopt international advanced and mature product; Second, domestic Rotary Drilling Rig key parts such as drill pipe, in particular pressure drill machine lock can not meet the requirements of the host, mainly because when China-made steel in the steel processing, roundness and straightness not meet design requirements, whether it is strength, or accuracy can not meet the requirements; drill pipe processing technology is still in the exploration among welding quality can not be guaranteed after welding deformation, and deformation is difficult to adjust.

In addition, the machine-made rotary drilling rigs operating room look and layout of the instrument panel as foreign; abroad rotary drilling rig, some with all computer operating systems to enable real-time manipulator control drilling depth, vertical drill stand and ensure the accurate drilling to reach the design depth and good verticality; real-time control of systems work, to facilitate timely maintenance measures to ensure the normal operation of drilling rigs. The rotary drilling rig drill pipe made jaw meshing with the driving head situation and status of non-drill display, operator can use their experience to judge.

Construction, rotary drilling rig during drilling operations, a drilling? Upgrade? Rotation? Throwing soil? Come back to go to the original openings? Alignment? Further drilling process. China-made rotary drilling rig positioning functions for failing to back position, so in the time-consuming considerable time and effort, and the artificial low alignment accuracy. Bauer Germany, Italy, CMV has returned to the company's drilling position targeting. The so-called back-bit positioning function is recorded when the machine turning angle of rotation, rotation after throwing soil to be returned, once to record the angle, the automatic stop. Thus, to ensure its return to the position before the first turn. Greatly reduce the labor intensity and improve production efficiency and operational precision.

The advantages of foreign Rotary Drilling Rig

Information, outside of the drill pipe rotary drilling rig jaw meshing with the power situation and the drill head status of a display, which is superior to rotary drilling rigs in the domestic one of the main aspects. These features increase is indeed very useful. Who used the rotary drilling rig will know, the drill pipe is easily embedded tooth wear (especially in the case of incomplete engagement), repair of worn is very troublesome. The past, the operator can only experience their own sense of engagement to the situation, so the operator proficiency demanding. With the drill case of dog mating display, the display can accurately show the meshing teeth embedded in the situation, even an inexperienced operator can operate well, while greatly reducing the labor intensity. In drilling operations, drilling depth, often up to tens of meters, due to geological conditions, the drill pipe and drill pipe, drill pipe and drill bit connection and other reasons, resulting in the drill pipe, drill bit off in the hole of the accident, a construction unit caused great losses. Drill status display for the operator to provide a visual of the drill pipe to facilitate the operator can avoid the accident.

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Domestic And Foreign Rotary Drilling Rig And Development Gap Between The Way Out Of

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